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Submission Guidelines


Submitting Images to Tourist Development Office

  • Choose engaging images of tourism sites and attractions
  • Only submit hi-resolution images, which are 300 dpi and 6x9 or larger in size
  • Label all images with name of attraction, city and state, date of image and photo credit
    • Example: City_County_Attraction_October2018_PhotoCredit (if applicable)
  • Submit no more than 10 images to Jill Kilgore at
Photo Release Form

Our department is fortunate to have permission from statewide partners to use their images to showcase their attractions. Please submit this form with your photos to help us maintain records of those submissions and usage rights.

Photo Release Form

Submitting What’s New

Please submit all new attractions, locally-owned restaurants, hotels, festivals and events, outdoor recreation developments such as new hiking and biking trails, and special milestone events like an anniversary commemoration. As an example: The 100th Celebration of the MoonPie. The following information should be provided for all What’s New submissions:

  • Name of Attraction
  •  Location
  • Date of opening
  • A brief paragraph describing the attraction or event
  • Link to website and social handles
Content Best Practices

These types of images used in articles, blog posts and social media posts get the most engagement and can entice potential travelers.

Content Best Practices

Partner PR Tips

The TDTD PR team is dedicated to spreading the news about tourism in Tennessee to the national, regional and local media and across all channels – traditional, broadcast and social.

The more information and lead time we have, the more opportunities there are for coverage in traditional media (print, broadcast, television) and non-traditional (bloggers, social media channels).

Here are a few insights and guidelines you can use to ensure you maximize TDTD’s PR services:

Send Press Releases

See how we can help you promote your event or announcement. The sooner you submit information to us, the more we can benefit you.

  • Press site publication
  • Tweet to journalists on @tntravelnews
  • Potential inclusion in an upcoming story release sent to all media
  • Inclusion in events round up
  • Press site publication
  • Tweet to journalists on @tntravelnews
  • Inclusion in events round up
  • Tweet to journalists on @tntravelnews
    • TIP: Include a suggested tweet at the end of your press releases.

Get Social

Be sure to follow us on all social channels to get a sense of what we share and how we share it, so you can craft your information to get the highest engagement possible and don’t forget to use #madeintn.

Stay in Contact

Send the PR Team your press releases, events, special announcements, awards, and news related to tourism. We're always accepting quality images, festival and event information/dates, and story ideas for future Tennessee Vacation Guides. We’re here to support your PR initiatives and spread the word.

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