As Tennessee’s No. 2 industry, tourism generated a record $24 billion in domestic travel spending in 2021, marking the largest visitor spending nationally in Tennessee’s history. Tourism helps drive economic development and job growth, which helped restore and grow livelihoods for Tennesseans. Tennessee’s skyrocketing growth is due in great part to key tourism partners throughout the state who invest in new attractions, groundbreaking expansions and important improvements. Those partnerships and efforts are reflected in our Annual Report and Economic Impact reports.

TN Travel Impact Dashboard

Click the link to access the TN Travel Impact Dashboard for instant access to key metrics, statewide and by county, on the economic impact of travel on Tennessee

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2021 County Snapshots

These 2021 snapshots provide facts about tourism as the state’s second-largest industry and a breakdown of tourism’s economic impact for each county. Additional data points include county rankings and tax savings by household.