Social & Media

The department plans consumer-facing email and @tnvacation Instagram Stories on a quarterly basis. Trends and social listening tools are utilized to determine travel topics that resonate with audiences.

Additionally, TDTD’s PR team determines their editorial for press releases pitched to the media. Press releases include seasonal activities, travel trends and new tourism developments across the state.

Quarterly Planning

Upcoming consumer-facing emails, @tnvacation Instagram Stories and press releases:

Press Release — July  5 — "And Action!": Add These Made in Tennessee Movies to Your Summer Watchlist, Then Visit the Places They Were Filmed  (Content due June 24)
Press Release — July 26 — Back to School/Family Travel (Content due July 19)
Instagram Story — July 14 — National Ice Cream Day 
Instagram Story — July 19 — Statewide Kayaking Spots 
Consumer Email — July 7 — Kid-friendly Attractions
Consumer Email — July 14 — National Ice Cream Day
Consumer Email — July 26 — 4-5 Hidden Gem Kayak Spots

Press Release — Aug. 1 — Unique Food Festivals, Food Trucks and Road-Side Must Eats (Content due July 25)
Instagram Story — Aug. 9 — "Add Yours" #MadeinTN Summer Memories (User-Generated Content)
Instagram Story — Aug. 16 — Wineries in and Near Nashville
Instagram Story — Aug. 23 — Labor Day weekend starter packs (4-5 types of long weekend trips, ex.: sporting, lake/rafting, historic, outdoors, city)
Instagram Story — Aug. 30 — Fall Festivals (food/art/music) in Tennessee
Consumer Email — Aug. 1 — Labor Day Weekend/Long Weekend Travel Ideas
Consumer Email — Aug. 11 — Fall Festivals
Consumer Email — Aug. 22 — Fall Seasonal (fall travel ideas (eat, stay, play) in Tennessee)

Press Release — Sept. 6 — Fall in Tennessee: Fall Foliage, Trip Ideas, Events (Content due Aug. 31)
Press Release — Sept. 22 — What's New for Fall (Content due Sept. 15)
Instagram Story — Sept. 6 — Leaf-peeping spots in TN
Instagram Story — Sept. 13 — Dog-friendly hiking places
Instagram Story — Sept. 20 — This or That Fall Bucket List (poll-based story about leaf peeping, colorblind viewfinders, fall treats and hidden gem towns to enjoy fall colors in TN)
Consumer Email — Sept. 1 — Fall Stories (itinerary-based email highlighting towns/cities great to visit in the fall)
Consumer Email — Sept. 13 — Leaf-peeping season
Consumer Email — Sept. 22 — Dog-friendly Hikes
Consumer Email — Sept. 27 — Fall Bucket List 

If you have a location to feature on @tnvacation or in consumer emails, contact Amanda Burton. If you’d like to be included in press release editorial, please contact Jill Kilgore and Mary Katelyn Price.

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