Tennessee Music Pathways


Tennessee Music Pathways identifies, interprets, promotes, and preserves well-known and lesser-known music events, locations, and stories across the state. Gov. Bill Haslam and the State Legislature approved funding for the development, roll out and execution of the Tennessee Music Pathways.

As TDTD worked on the development of the program, it became clear that a single pathway would not be enough to encompass all of Tennessee’s musical assets and that “pathway” needed to be plural.

Phase 1

Commissioner Kevin Triplett traveled across the state discussing the initiative with stakeholders and the potential opportunities in communities during the Tennessee Music Pathways Roadshows. We appreciate and thank all who hosted and attended these events.

Metal Signage
 "Official Location" metal signage.


The development of the first phase of the project included the collection of content, design of “official location” signs, post and panel marker installation in areas where the story needs to be told, and the creation of the Tennessee Music Pathways landing page on tnvacation.com.

TMP large post and panel
TMP  "post and panel" markers.


Tennessee Music Pathways Phase one will kick off with more than 200 locations for statues, murals, attractions, historical markers, and experiences identifying birthplaces, resting places, hometowns, and locations of Tennessee’s musical pioneers and legends.

Signs and markers will continue to be installed across the state for years to come. Tourism partners are encouraged to submit local music history and related assets that meet the criteria to be considered for inclusion on Tennessee Music Pathways.

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The Plan

  • Continue to increase content across tnvacation.com

  • Communication to Phase 1  - Week of Aug. 20

  • Phase 1 Metal Signs distributed -  Week of Sept. 1

  • Kick off Event  - Sept. 15  https://www.tnvacation.com/tnrootsjam

  • Phase 1 Post and Panel marker installations continue through end of 2018

  • Phase 2 to start in 2019

  • Partners are encouraged to submit musical assets in their counties/communities to potentially qualify for marker placement and inclusion on the TMP

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