Retire Tennessee

The Retire Tennessee program currently consists of rural and urban communities across the state. Each community meets the state’s criteria of providing the resources and amenities needed to be a viable retirement destination.

Partners within the program are highlighted on Partners are required to participate in at least one ideal-LIVING Resort & Retirement Expo during the early fall and winter months and supply a Discover Tour, providing discounts to a visiting retiree. In addition, Retire Tennessee program partners also invest in advertising in numerous publications nationwide.

Think you are a potential Retire Tennessee Community?

First, download the Program Criteria below to see if your community is ready to be a Retire Tennessee Community. Next, complete the community Inventory & Assessment Form to see if your community currently has the amenities and resources that retirees are seeking. This is an excellent tool for a committee to use to gather unbiased answers that will tell you if you have the basics that retirees demand.

A TDTD representative will visit your community to speak to a potential committee who will work the program.

The criteria for participation is the guideline used for your program of work for the Retire Tennessee program.

A letter of intent to participate is required by February of each year in order to have your community up and running for retiree recruitment by July, the start of their fiscal year.

Each county participating must pay the following:

  • $2,000 Partnership Fee due each August
  • $1,000 Advertising Fee due each October


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