Trails & Byways

TDTD established the Discover Tennessee Trails & Byways program to extend visitors’ major market stays and explore Tennessee’s back roads. Touching all 95 counties, the 16 extensive driving trails integrate portions of the state’s five National Scenic Byways, strengthening the promotion of these established treasures.

The goal of the Tennessee Trails & Byways program is to generate exposure to rural areas of Tennessee, providing an authentic glimpse into Tennessee life beyond the driver’s seat, therefore increasing tourism-related economic development statewide. A budget was established to mark the trails with distinct brown signs. The campaign included the creation of new print and digital ads, radio ads and brochures.

Trail Brochures

TDTD evaluates the Discover Trails & Byways program annually and recently decided it could reach more people by changing the approach to the program’s brochures. The size of the brochures will be reduced so more can be printed. They will continue to be distributed in Tennessee Welcome Centers and key areas statewide.

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