2019 Spring Co-op Program

The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development is excited to announce the 2019 Spring Co-op Program. This year, there are two options available, each with multiple tiers.

Pinterest Logo

Together we'll leverage the highly engaged in-market travel audience on Pinterest to promote Tennessee as a travel destination, as well as drive traffic to specific destinations and attractions within the state (like yours). The deadline for the Pinterest Co-op opt-in has passed.


Instant access to the CrowdRiff tool that provides user-generated content, social tracking, photo uploading, enhancements to your partner page on tnvacation.com and more, giving you stronger photo-asset gathering opportunities and greater visibility and representation. Opt-in deadline is November 30, 2019, with additional discounts available for earlier opt-in.

TDTD hosted multiple webinars to further explain each co-op program. The CrowdRiff webinars may be accessed by emailing tennessee@crowdriff.com and requesting them. The Pinterest webinar is no longer available.

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Enter target markets in the fields below. The following are included for you, so you do not need to add them. Chicago, IL / Dallas, TX / Atlanta, GA / Indianapolis, IN / Cincinnati, OH / Birmingham, AL / Jackson, MS / Louisville, KY / Little Rock, AR / Greenville, SC / Paducah-Cape Girardeau (KY/MO) / St. Louis, MO
Attach images of your DMO or attraction so we can create your Pins.
We recommend high-quality, vertical images or images that can easily be cropped into a vertical format.
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Allowed types: png gif jpg jpeg.
Photo Permission and Usage Statement:
I give the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development (herein after referred to as the “TDTD”), as well as any other journalist or partners TDTD should wish to distribute the later described photographs, the nonexclusive permission to use photographs provided by me, to use in their promotion of travel to the state of Tennessee. I agree that photographs submitted may be used in any publication, print ad, direct-mail piece, electronic media (e.g. video, Internet, website) or other form of promotion in perpetuity without remuneration or further consent. I warrant that I hold all rights to the submitted photographs, including the right to freely give the image to TDTD for reproduction and/or repurposing without remuneration or profit. Further, I will make no monetary claim against TDTD or the journalist or partner whom the photo was provided for use of the submitted photographs.
I understand that TDTD will run a photo credit if possible, but is not under an obligation to do so.
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